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The Head and Neck Centre is a specialized clinic where you will find some of the finest otorhinolaryngologists and vestibulogists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and psychiatrists providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of disturbances of the head and neck region using the latest innovative technologies.

A multidisciplinary approach and interaction between specialists are key in offering a complete evaluation of the major problems of the head and neck. These are related to otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose throat, neck, thyroid and cranial base), vestibular dysfunction (vertigo, tinnitus), neurosurgery, neurology, sleep medicine, psychology and psychiatry, aesthetics (angiology and aesthetic medicine).

The Head and Neck Centre is a modern, friendly and professional clinic where you will find the most up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, in addition to a dedicated centre for vestibular rehabilitation.

The advantages…

At the Head and Neck Centre…

  • Diagnostic check-ups are available in several areas: ear, nose and throat, vestibular and sleep medicine. (call for more information)
  • All of our specialists speak English, and some speak French and German (ask when making your appointment).
  • A “Case Manager” service is also available, who manages complex pathologies by facilitating collaboration between different specialists for differential analyses and step-by-step assistance. The “Case Manager” thus offers a greater possibility for tailored treatment.
  • A meeting room is available where frequent medical education courses take place.

The Head and Neck Centre is located in the centre of Milan, and can be easily reached by either car or public transport.

Instrumental exams

The following instrumental exams are available at the Head and Neck Centre:

  • Fibrolaryngoscopy
  • Videolaryngostroboscopy
  • Voice analysis
  • Nasal endoscopy
  • Rhinomanometry
  • Olfactometry
  • Nasal cytology
  • Audiometry
  • Impedance testing
  • Stapes reflex
  • ENG

You can get a number of specialized check-ups at the Head and Neck Centre:

Check-up of the nose: 
otorhinolaryngological exam with nasal endoscopy, olfactometry, rhinomanometry and nasal cytology

Vocal test: 
 otorhinolaryngological exam with laryngeal endoscopy, laryngeal videolaryngostroboscopy, logopaedic exam and voice analysis

Sleep analyses: 
otorhinolaryngological exam with laryngeal endoscopy using Muller’s manoeuvre, neurological analysis of sleep and polysomnography

Hearing test: otorhinolaryngological exam with fibrolaryngoscopy, otomicroscopy, audiometric exam, impedance testing and analysis of ipsi/contra stapedial reflexes

Vestibular and balance testing: 
 otorhinolaryngological exam, stabilometry, vestibular exam with videonystagmography

How to get there

By subway: MM1 (red line) and MM3 (yellow line), stop ‘Duomo’. By car: From Via Larga, turn on Via Baracchini, Piazza Diaz. It is possible to park in places outlined in blue (hourly charge), or in the parking lot at Diaz


The goal of the Head and Neck Centre is to provide a complete service for diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the head and neck region. 
The main disturbances involve the nose, voice, smell, hearing equilibrium, salivary glands, thyroid, brain and face, and require the expertise of physicians in otorhinolaryngology, vestibular dysfunction, neurosurgery, neurology, sleep medicine, psychiatry (of particular importance in vestibular pathologies), angiology and aesthetic medicine.
At the Head and Neck Centre, we believe that the best way to diagnose and treat a variety of pathologies lies in the interaction between specialists and in the combination of information provided by the latest, complementary diagnostic techniques, together with long-standing experience.

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